60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure App Reviews

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READ Ppl and creator

Ok so I was just going to get this app and saw the reviews so I thought that it wouldn't be bad....but whenever I play the game it has a black screen then brings me to the home screen. I really wanna play da game.....Can ya fix the game.....😐

Nice Dev

I thought the dev gave up on the game but he surprised me with an update the says bugs fixs and crash fixs I grinned when I saw it.

Doesn’t work

Every single time around day 30, after the day-to-day transition, the game freezes. There’s no fix to this issue. When you can only do 1 thing in a game, and that thing doesn’t work, it’s pretty pathetic. Don’t buy.


I love this game though it got annoying when that crackling noise happend it even did when I didn’t bring the radio. If you like adventure and that stuff I highly recommend you buy it. Also please give more chances to fix stuff with the Boy Scout book please!

Please read!

The app was great until day 72 which the screen just went black. Fix it please!! I’ll give five stars again! Otherwise the game is great :)


Lots of replay value. There are many ending so you can play this many times. Game play is very good as well 5/5


In more recent updates of the game, it has a cat, Sharikov, and 4 new endings, it’s cool they added padlock and suitcase, but ADD THE UPDATES!!!

Steering and Ending

The game and its storyline is friggin awesome, but, the steering is very tricky and whenever I lose, it just goes to a black screen

Weird ending crash

When I was playing today I got to Exact day 52. ALL my family was kidnaped and ted was the only one and also pancake died to bleeding. (The moment it crashed) I was about to let the “bandit” ending happens but the next day won’t load for some reason Plz fix even tho I can just start a new game I wanna loose this game

Rating ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This game is GREAT for me. I have no problems with glitches, and more. What might add is, I have a IPad. But I do want to ask, When will you guys add the new update there is on the PC?

Black screen

Whenever I get to around 30-40 or more days the screen goes black

Blackout Bug

I like this game. I really do. I know I’m not the best player, but when raiders come, I accept my fate. Apparently, the game doesn’t. If I’m playing a game, and there’s one person left, then raiders come to our defenseless home, the screen just goes black. Forever. The music still plays, but the visuals die. This has happened 3 times in a row. It’s getting old. Please fix it.

Coolest survival game I'd played

The challenges are nice fun haven't had any problems from I seen on other people reviews spend two days on the game and won on second try and won on day 59 I had no glitches. This is a great game.

A little bug

I’ve got a glitch that I’d love to get fixed. I’ve seen some others have this problem too, when I reach day 70 it the screen goes black and it doesn’t turn on. Plz Fix. Other than that the game ROCKS


I like this game a ton,BUT there is a huge bug.When I get to day 50 the game just turns black and I can't play.It does save but it just brings me to day 50 and when I try to go to the next day it just turns black.PLEASE DEVELOPERS,FIX THIS BUG!!!!!!!😫😫😫😫😭😭😭


It’s a fun game, and the music is awesome but after day 60 my screen goes black (I know there are reviews already addressing this problem but it’s ruining the game) I was doing just fine when it came to day 60 and now poor Ted and Timmy are going to die just because I need to start a new game. Fix this and the games perfect, one if the best on my phone.


When are you gonna have the cat dlc in this please reply

Really fun

60 seconds is hard but to the point where it's still really fun it's a perfect challenge and really gets you thinking about your strategy and items


It was a good game.It is full of possibilities and has two endings.My only complain is that if you lose by bandits, the screen will just go black.

Add the new animals cat and new things like in the computer version

Plz add the same stuff like in the computer version

Why is the other versions different?

On other devices there are 5 endings different songs more situations and challenges that will grant the characters hats, so why isn't it on here? Also the game crashes frequently especially so when after scavenging. Fix it.

When is the new update

So I really enjoy this game I do but one slight problem.When is the new update I see other youtube channel within and new endings and other I just want to know when the new update is coming


Net Neutrality


This needs to be updated with better controls for the beginning of this game. I can barely move Ted around to gather supplies and it's SUPER ANNOYING!!!! I've fiddled with sensitivity and nothing helps. He will not move where I want him to and I can never gather around supplied to last me more than 30 days. Fix this game because people are going to waste their money on frustrating game play and that's not cool.



Fix the controls please

I have a very hard time in the beginning getting everything I need due to the steering mechanism. It is very hard to control and I end up losing more than half my time just trying to get it to work and navigating my way through the house. Other than that the game is wonderful!


I love this game! Saw some YouTubers playing it so I thought “why not play it myself?” I like playing this game.


Got to day 65 and the screen just goes black. It was fun at first but now I definitely regret paying for this game now.

Awesome game

I watched vids of this game and it was fun. I did extra hard work for dis game. Also I had to rake up my side yard(which is a big yard)and it took hours.

I want my money back

So I just GIT and it guess what the same glitch happens to me like everyone else, black fuding screen please fix this it's an awsome game the not I WANT MY MONEO BACK UNLESS YOU FIX THIS

Kubz Scouts!

I live this game already bc of kubz scouts. I've seen him 60 seconds gameplay since forever!

This game is for 6 year olds

If your 6, you might find this game amusing, any other age itd


I noticed on YouTube videos that on the computer they have the challenge mode and I would like that on other devices because normal 60 seconds is getting boring so pleas update PLEASE Also please fix it to where the game doesn’t freeze on days past 50 or any day that’d be great

Developers please read...

I watched Markiplier play this and thought it was a awesome game so I decided to try it myself, well the scavenge part was good but as soon as I jump into the bunker it crashes and I can't even play the "GAME" so please fix this I don't know if it's my iPad or if it's the game but if it's the game please fix this. Thank you in advance😀😀😁

The game is decent.

This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A good Post-apocalyptic game that has its moments but can get repetitive very quickly. The Good: Can be hilarious at times, has many jokes and hidden images that make you chuckle. -Can be extremely stressful at times, can result in extreme anger and screaming. -Decisions can be really f****d up with choices, and really makes you think. -Art style is very nice. -First 60 seconds are full of tension. -Difficult but not unfair. The Bad: -Repetitive after the first few hours. -First 60 second scavenging is difficult to control. -Not much to it really, needs more content. -Its asking price of £6.99 is a bit much. -Endgame scenarios: Parents die = game over even if kids fine. Makes kids expendable, does not make much sense. The Ugly (Funny moments): -My daughter became a super mutant... yup. -Talking cockroaches. -Dads new son is a sock puppet. -Mad Max bandits. Overall a fun game but nothing special, get it on sale or if it goes down in price, is worth it for the jokes and difficulty.

Best ever

Best game in a while

I like but I have to break it to you man...

Extrodanary! What a survival game! But EVERY TIME when I open the journal at ANY time,it just sends me back home! Please fix this. Ps I'm using the iPad 3 so if there's something wrong about that then please tell me.


Crashes waaaayyy to much I just got it about 10 minutes ago and it's already crashed 7 times.....it's fun from what I've played but the rest is just rabid crashing, Please fix this other then that I'm sure it's fun just it doesn't work please do fix this so I can play your game!

Love it but steering

I love this game so much so far, but the first 60 seconds control part is SO hard for some reason. I tried making it almost not sensitive at all, but it's still frustrating when you only have a minute to grab everything you need, and your guy is just continuously spinning or missing doors and objects. Please fix this ):

Please add MRE

As it is in title.

Full of Bugs and RNG

This could be a decent game, but the bugs and the poor movement controls in the 60 seconds portion (plus the bugs) hold it way back. Like others here, I've frequently gotten the black screen of death. I've also managed to get permanently stuck on furniture on decent 60 second runs, getting me nuked. Even if you're doing well - You'll likely never win the game. It's entirely RNG. After a few playthroughs (or even the same game), you'll start seeing the same material over and over and get bored. A good idea stymied by poor execution.

Not the same as pc/ want my money back

I thought this games would be as cool as on the pc like the videos I watched but it isn't plz let me get my money back


First of all I get black screens sometimes and have to restart the whole game. Also the makers of the game made it so you can't win. One game I played I got to Level 101 and for the past 30 days I've been getting the same problem that there are bandits camping outside. Then randomly I get sick and lose. This was sadly a waste of money. Better to get on computer. Hope I get a response back...


iTunes recently I purchased 60 Seconds and I am not pleased with this purchase


Ok the game is ok but after day 46 the screen went black and my battery didn't die so i would advise you spend the money on another game like the escapists or something


Honestly it's not a bad game, it does however get boring fast... for 99cents, I would recommend it. It's a good way to pass time .

Cool game but needs work

I've ran into a few instances where the game crashes unexpectedly, but otherwise it's a pretty fun waste of time.

Not very fun

The controls is the starting rush to collect items are clunky and after that is just sitting in the bunker for the rest of the game. If you send someone out to collect supplies, you don't go with them and they rarely bring anything worthwhile back.

1 tiny problem

When I saw it on kubz scouts vids it looked exacting but when I keep on playing it was bad on a tablet I will like to this will actually as good in computer plz fix it for that I will have it deleted

Why 😩😩

I'm playing the game on survival mode and I make it to day 50 and then I try to move on then the screen just goes black!! I think the app developers should have an update to fix that

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