60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure App Reviews

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Needs lots of improvement

Sixty seconds to grab materials to help you survive? Sure, sounds fun. Except, when you can’t use the controls and end up with a can of soup and only one family member. Where’s the fun in that? Needs improvement.

Best update ever!

60 Seconds no longer crashes on my device! :)

Help Please/Fix

ITS A AMAZING GAME.On the first day I got it it constantly every time I open up the game freezes on the home screen when I try to play all I can see is a circle with the starting screen in it I can't click anything I need this fixed by Saturday because I am having some freinds over.Although great game totally worth buying it

Can’t read tips

On an iPhone X, and I can’t read the tips. The tips get cut off. Also the controls need to be reworked as they are very clunky. Otherwise this game seems to be rather enjoyable.


Keeps Crashing. Please Fix

Great Game!

This game has an amazing concept with many storylines you can follow to try to be rescued, or even try to survive as long as you can. The game is definitely not an easy game but when you learn the game or research it, that may make the game easier. The work put into this is quite impressive as it is full of character names and story lines.


I don't know if it is because I'm on iPod or what but every time I get on it won't load the game just logs out but I still rate 5 because for the people that do play say it's pretty fun

Fun for the Family

Great fun for the family! Played it all night. The default control sucked for the scavenging in the beginning. I find the sensitivity is best changed to .85 and the additional rotation checked.


Not worth the money or the time

Fun Thrilling game

This is one of the best games I have seen in a long time

Horiable controlls

Yes the game is fun and cool,but it would actually be fun if u could move around. The controlls do not even work and you can move

The dreaded level 70

It’s a great game and I love it but after level 70 for me it won’t advance.😕

The controller is pissing me off

Impossible to play

I go in the game and it crashes don't get it

Not good

If you want a good apocalypse survival game then this is the game for you

Try playing this exiting action packed realistic game when you only have 60 seconds to choose from life or death and when it's time to go down into the small bunker it's just a matter of skill #BUY THIS


Awesome play out but in beginning trash controls do not buy waste of money

Doesn't even load

Paid 3.99 for this game and it won't even load. It comes up and then the screen goes black and it kicks me out...


The storyline is awesome, the gameplay is great, but yes some fixes are needed on the controls in the scavenging part, but besides that The game is everything that I wanted and the game was a great price for what it had offer. I would suggest us to gamers to have played it before, or have seen other YouTubers play it.

You can’t even move

Tried to change sensitivity and doesn’t work, can’t even grab all the family before it hits the mark, don’t recommend getting. Wish I never bought this.

I didn't play it yet

I'm bored


This game is really fun my family loves it, although I do wish the quest time was longer than 60 seconds but that’s what the game is called so it can’t really change. Other than that he game is great💖💖💖💖💖💖

New Way To control

It’s Very Had To Move! Please Fix Controls, or add additional Ways To Move!


This game is amazing the controls aren’t that bad and it is very fun. It teaches reading and problem solving in a way. Totally worth the money! Get this game you will be satisfied!


I play the game when I press continue the screen goes black and the music keeps playing so I reset and reset and reset the screen and it still happens then whenever I start a new game I have everyone I have stuff it says GAME OVER I’ve done it multi times and it still says GAME OVER


I love this game so much!! Just one suggestion: please make more scenarios!! It’s getting a little boring.

Terrible Controls

Great game concept, nice graphics, great story line. This game is very hard to play due to the extremely short quest time counter. Quest timer counts down, then when time reaches “0”, You perish. Game over. The problem is, TERRIBLE game controls and short quest time. The control rotation swings around way to much to pinpoint an item to retrieve. Even if the rotation speed is set at the minimum speed. With that being said, the countdown timer does not allow you to complete levels. If there was “double time” as the quest time, then the game would be playable to enjoy it. DO NOT!! waste your money on this game until the Developer has fixed the game control issue. Hopefully they will be able to configure the controls to stop swinging around so much. And possibly “up” the quest time from (20 seconds, to at least 40 seconds). Overall, the game play controls are 1990’s game controls. Help us out Game Developers, money has been spent. It is not hard to program changes in the game platform. You guys make great games and this should be added to that list. Thanks.

Game crashes

Just paid 3.99 and the game doesn't work, it just keeps crashing...how do I get a refund

This is trash

This game is trash and I want a refund



New Update=New Crash

Since The New update, I can't get Past The Loading screen without it crashing. Can you fix this?



READ Ppl and creator

Ok so I was just going to get this app and saw the reviews so I thought that it wouldn't be bad....but whenever I play the game it has a black screen then brings me to the home screen. I really wanna play da game.....Can ya fix the game.....😐

Nice Dev

I thought the dev gave up on the game but he surprised me with an update the says bugs fixs and crash fixs I grinned when I saw it.

Doesn’t work

Every single time around day 30, after the day-to-day transition, the game freezes. There’s no fix to this issue. When you can only do 1 thing in a game, and that thing doesn’t work, it’s pretty pathetic. Don’t buy.

Please read!

The app was great until day 72 which the screen just went black. Fix it please!! I’ll give five stars again! Otherwise the game is great :)


Lots of replay value. There are many ending so you can play this many times. Game play is very good as well 5/5


In more recent updates of the game, it has a cat, Sharikov, and 4 new endings, it’s cool they added padlock and suitcase, but ADD THE UPDATES!!!

Steering and Ending

The game and its storyline is friggin awesome, but, the steering is very tricky and whenever I lose, it just goes to a black screen

Weird ending crash

When I was playing today I got to Exact day 52. ALL my family was kidnaped and ted was the only one and also pancake died to bleeding. (The moment it crashed) I was about to let the “bandit” ending happens but the next day won’t load for some reason Plz fix even tho I can just start a new game I wanna loose this game

Rating ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This game is GREAT for me. I have no problems with glitches, and more. What might add is, I have a IPad. But I do want to ask, When will you guys add the new update there is on the PC?

Black screen

Whenever I get to around 30-40 or more days the screen goes black

Blackout Bug

I like this game. I really do. I know I’m not the best player, but when raiders come, I accept my fate. Apparently, the game doesn’t. If I’m playing a game, and there’s one person left, then raiders come to our defenseless home, the screen just goes black. Forever. The music still plays, but the visuals die. This has happened 3 times in a row. It’s getting old. Please fix it.

Coolest survival game I'd played

The challenges are nice fun haven't had any problems from I seen on other people reviews spend two days on the game and won on second try and won on day 59 I had no glitches. This is a great game.

A little bug

I’ve got a glitch that I’d love to get fixed. I’ve seen some others have this problem too, when I reach day 70 it the screen goes black and it doesn’t turn on. Plz Fix. Other than that the game ROCKS


I like this game a ton,BUT there is a huge bug.When I get to day 50 the game just turns black and I can't play.It does save but it just brings me to day 50 and when I try to go to the next day it just turns black.PLEASE DEVELOPERS,FIX THIS BUG!!!!!!!😫😫😫😫😭😭😭


It’s a fun game, and the music is awesome but after day 60 my screen goes black (I know there are reviews already addressing this problem but it’s ruining the game) I was doing just fine when it came to day 60 and now poor Ted and Timmy are going to die just because I need to start a new game. Fix this and the games perfect, one if the best on my phone.


When are you gonna have the cat dlc in this please reply

Really fun

60 seconds is hard but to the point where it's still really fun it's a perfect challenge and really gets you thinking about your strategy and items


It was a good game.It is full of possibilities and has two endings.My only complain is that if you lose by bandits, the screen will just go black.

Add the new animals cat and new things like in the computer version

Plz add the same stuff like in the computer version

  • send link to app